ètico è is to support local producers

According to Ètico, local is a universal concept. “Local producers” cannot be located in a precise area, mapped through the use of pre-existent borders. Ètico’s local producers are everywhere.

We redefine as “local” every business that tends towards the good of the community, culture, soil and air. Local is a value to deserve, not inherit. Local is global.

ètico is digital

ètico was born from the encounter of digital and physical, of online and offline. The digital part is a key part of the project and it is connected to the concept of proximity thanks to our software Tally, that allows us to create small websites where we can narrate the projects we choose for our store at best.

Tally creates qr codes we use to make our physical products digital. We believe technology is fundamental in an informational and educational process, and we could not do without it.

Territory is not a static and motionless concept. It is not a hilly landscape, a vineyard or an olive grove. Territory is a set of beings that cooperate to create and recreate it every day.

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ètico is storytelling

Ètico aims at telling the stories of artisan companies which are characterized by quality, identity, sustainability and biodiversity. We tell stories of people, projects and life philosophies that aim at creating a positive impact on the territory.

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ètico is meeting

The encounter in a broad sense is at the center of ètico’s project. By that, we mean the encounter with the product chain, with the environment, with people and with ourselves. In ètico every interaction can be the starting point for information and reflection in an endorsed meeting.

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